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2013 SFHG Comps & Results

SFHG Winter Warmer/Holiday Spiced Beer Competition– Entries due no later than January 31. Beers will be judged according to the 2008 BJCP Style Guidelines for style 21B – Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer. Winners will be announced during SF Beer Week at a Pi Bar Homebrew Share event on Sunday, February 17.

2/2013 SFHG Holiday Spiced Beer Comp winners

1) Michael Stearns – Rudolph’s Sweet Ass Winter Stout
2) Alex Deacon – Sparge Blocker Belgian Christmas Ale
3) Jamie Simpson – Dark Mammatus Winter Ale
HM) Chris Sita – Indiscriminate Holiday Ale
HM) Kevin Inglin – Gingerbreadmint Holiday Ale
HM) Tim Ryan – Charles Francisco’s The Spice of Life
People’s Choice for Competition Beer) Chris Sita – Indiscriminate Holiday Ale
People’s Choice General Category) Jen Jordan – Jen’s Helles Bock


SFHG Tribute to America Memorial Day Competition – BJCP sanctioned competition. Entries due no later than May 3. To kick off SF’s cool American summer, brewers may brew one or both of the invented-in-America beer styles we chose for this competition. The categories are: the beer that made San Francisco famous, 7B – California Common, as well as that iconic American brew, 14B – American IPA. Winners for each style will be announced at an SFHG Pre-Memorial Day BBQ/Picnic (location TBD) Saturday, May 18.

5/2012 – SFHG Tribute to America Competition winners (over 60 entries!)

Best of Show: Jennifer Jordan’s “Brisbane Cali Common”

California Common
1) Jennifer Jordan’s “Brisbane Cali Common”
2) Michael Dawson’s “Lucky 11 Cali Common”
3) Don Whitehouse’s “Clement Street Common”
HM) Brian Bodecker & Jay Faustini’s “Steam Machine”

American IPA
1) Lee Diles’ “Spud Webb’s Mad Hops IPA”
2) Paul Barnes & Colin Elliott’s “Flamin’ Fruit IPA”
3) Kevin Inglin’s “Hopsleeve IPA”
HM) Dermot Stratton’s “Harpua’s Slobber American IPA”


SFHG Celebrates Belgian Independence Day Competition – BJCP sanctioned competition. Entries due no later than TBA. To honor Belgium’s Independence from the Netherlands in July 1831, the category is  the farmhouse favorite 16C – Saison. Winners will be announced at an SFHG Event/Homebrew share (location TBD) in August 2013.

8/2013 – SFHG Celebrating Belgian Independence Saison Competition winners (over 30 entries!)

1) Jen Jordan – Second Chance Saison
2) Dermot Stratton – Snowbird Saison
3) Matt Peterson – Temporus Incorruptus Saison
HM) John Zirinsky – Samba Saison #1


SFHG Return to our Brewing Roots Competition – BJCP sanctioned competition. Entries due no later than TBA. To honor the enormous influence of European countries on popular American beer styles, the category is a roasty favorite with a British background, 12B – Robust Porter. Winners will be announced at an SFHG Event/Homebrew share (location TBD) in late 2013.

11/2013 – SFHG’s Tribute to America single category Porter competition winners!
1st – Randy Swanson
2nd – Dermot Stratton
3rd – Karlo Berket


Congrats to Jen Jordan, the SFHG’s Homebrewer of the Year for 2013!

We presented Jen with a plaque at last night’s monthly meeting. She earned it by getting 13.5 points in the SFHG’s Homebrewer of the Year competition series – she won tons of ribbons in comps throughout the year! Congrats Jen!


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