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SFHG Competition Schedule and Homebrewer of the Year Award Rules


DUE: February 19th


ENTRY RULES: See Announcement

JUDGING: People's Choice


SF Beerweek Homebrew Share

The first competition will be a people's choice held at our end of SF Beerweek homebrew share on February 19th. Bring what you think people will like or whatever you have floating around and see how many people vote for your beer. 

This is a people's choice, so no need for prior entry. Just bring your beer to the event and the beers will be voted on by those in attendance. Growlers and Bottles preferred, small kegs (2.5 gallon) with small dispensing co2 allowed. No jockey boxes provided or accepted.  




ENTRY RULES:  Standard*

JUDGING: 2015 BJCP Guidelines

Specialty IPAs

The 2015 BJCP style guidelines have made allowances for a wide variety of new IPA styles in Category 21B: Specialty IPA. There are six major variants, with each allowing for Session, Standard, or Double strength.

The variants are Belgian, Black, Brown, Red, Rye, and White IPAs. Brewers are allowed TWO entries of any of the variants (i.e. one Belgian standard, one brown Standard, OR one Black, session strength, one Black Double Strength).

Beers will be due Friday March 10th and winners will be announced at the March 21st meeting.




ENTRY RULES: Standard* 

JUDGING: 2015 BJCP Guidelines

Wild World O' Wheat

Many countries worldwide brew wheat beers, but the cultural and historical differences run pretty far and wide. In this comp, we’ll be taking a look a the big three: BJCP styles 1D (American Wheat Beer), 10A (German Weissbier), and 24A (Belgian Witbier). Brewers will be able to enter one of each style, due May 12th, with winners announced at the subsequent May meeting.


DUE: May 27th


ENTRY RULES: See Announcement

JUDGING: People's Choice

Memorial Weekend Picnic Homebrew Share

The second in the people's choice options, this competition will be held during our annual picnic in Golden Gate Park. So bring some of your best beers to share as we grill and announce the winners for the Wild World O' Wheat Contest. 

This is a people's choice, so no need for prior entry. Just bring your beer to the event and the beers will be voted on by those in attendance. Kegs are not allowed in Golden Gate Park, so bring bottles and Growlers only please.



BJCP STYLES: All Lager Styles

ENTRY RULES: Standard* and See announcement

JUDGING: 2015 BJCP Guidelines

Team Competition: Lagers!

More details will be presented at an upcoming meeting but in concept, teams of SFHG members will band together to brew some tasty lager beers, with plenty of time for said lagering before entries become due the first week of September and winners announced at the September meeting.


  • Both brewers must be present at the brew day and either the entry into secondary or the bottling day.
  • Ideally the team would consist of a newer (less than 2 year brewer) and a more experienced brewer, but not required.

*Standard Entry Rules are as Follows

  • Entry must contain 2 12 oz bottles free of all stick on labels and other identifying marks
  •  An identification sheet, or piece of paper with same infomation, must be attached to the bottle with a rubber band.
  • Bottles must be dropped off at one of the dropoff locations by close of business at that location the due date of the competition
  • Dropoff Locations for entries in Standard Comps are SF Brewcraft, Ferment.Drink.Repeat, or Black Sands

External Homebrew Comps

SFHG members may also earn points toward the SFHG HOY Award by winning a ribbon in the following competitions:

2017 HOY Scoring Rules

How the points are allocated:
SFHG Competitions:

  • 6 points for 1st place
  • 4 points for 2nd place
  • 4 points for People's Choice Competition Winner
  • 2 points for 3rd place
  • 0.5 points for entry that does not place
  • 1 bonus point if you enter all 3 SFHG-sponsored competitions

External competitions:

  • 3 points for 1st place
  • 2 points for 2nd place
  • 1 point for 3rd place
  • 1 bonus point for winning Best of Show

Other rules:

  • Brewers must be a paid, annual member of SFHG, and must enter at least ONE (1) of our three internal, SFHG competitions to be eligible for the SFHG HOY Award.
  • You can earn a maximum of 5 cumulative points for each non-SFHG eligible competition.
  • You can earn a maximum of 10 cumulative points per BJCP sub-category for the year.  Feel free to enter as many competitions as you would like, but once you have reached 10 points for a specific BJCP sub-category, you cannot earn any more HoY points for that specific BJCP sub-category.
  • If you enter a competition with a co-brewer, your points will only count toward that specific team.  Brewers do not earn individual brewer points as part of team.

Tie-Breaker for HoY Award:
If at the end of the year there is a tie of points between multiple homebrewers, we wil break the tie by taking these factors into consideration in this order, until someone emerges as a winner:
1) Most points earned in SFHG competitions
2) Most 1st Place Awards, SFHG competitions
3) Most 2nd Place Awards, SFHG competitions
4) Most 3rd Place Awards, SFHG competitions
5) Most 1st Place Awards, Non-SFHG competitions
6) Most 2nd Place Awards, Non-SFHG competitions
7) Most 3rd Place Awards, Non-SFHG competitions

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